Pet Portraits

I look at animals as companions in life.
Three cats have come to live with me. in the early spring of 2009 a scrawny little adolescent female showed up at my door and snuggled and purred in my arms. She gave birth to 7 kittens on the 4th of July. Five have gone on to other homes but two of her offspring stayed on to walk this part of my life with me.
They are each very different. Maya, the mother is always near me and greets me at a run when I come home. Sixteen pound Paddington thinks he is king and Buddha is the shy one who will come sit on my lap at the computer.
They lie down with me when I am sick or sad, they listen to me unconditionally and look at me quizzically when I rant or celebrate. They are accepting of their path in life and teach me patience and adaptability.
They share my home and I care for them.
But more than that, at a soul level they bring me back to the connection of my love of Nature. When I nuzzle my nose into Paddington’s fur he smells soft and clean and a little wild. He lies at my feet with the tip of his tail pulsing slowly on the floor letting me know that he will let me work, but he would rather be the focus of my attention.
What quirk of nature allowed these small wild cats to choose to live amoung humans.
I honor their independence and thank them for joining me.

When I paint portraits of pets I capture the qualities that they bring to you as a gift.

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