Walking the Path of Spirit

Soul of Creation for webThe Maya believed that 2012 was a new beginning.

I have felt a shift in my own beliefs in the two years since that date. A new relationship is emerging with the world of spirit. I have always believed that everything is created by God and therefore imbued with spirit. As I have gotten older I see God as a feminine power of creation, giving birth out of love to the Universe, the Earth and all of her creatures.

During the 1990s I  took a number of  trips with small groups lead by Conrad Satala, a psychologist and Mayan Shaman, to the ceremonial sites of  Copan Honduras, Palenque and Yachilan  in Mexico, and Tikal and the beautiful Lake Atitlan area in Guatemala.  These trips were both intellectually stimulating and spiritually awakening. Although I had traveled through many of the United States, I had little experience with other cultures so it was eye opening for me to see that people from other countries really thought and lived differently than I did.  Yet we were similar in all looking for peace, comfort, the love and care of family, and asking for a meaningful life.

On those trips I  learned that ancient cultures saw everything as being alive, worthy of respect and gratitude.  I began to open to a relationship with spirit of the landscape in which I live and the plants and animals that surround me and nourish me as food, clothing and are the building materials of my home.

Some of their beliefs were very different from my own and opened me to a whole new way of seeing the spirit world.  They had a relationship with the past that included believing that death did not mean the end, only a change in location.  The ancestors were not gone but in another realm of spirit and still accessible to assist in daily life.  The ancient Maya buried the dead under their homes so that they were close and still part of the family.  The Maya of today go to the grave sites on the “Day of the Dead”.  Doors that cover the graves are opened and a picnic is spread and shared with the ancestors.  It is a day of celebration and communication with loved ones.  They also communicate with other spirit beings all emissaries of the one God but assistants to living life.

Now another aspect of my relationship is changing.  I am experiencing the support and assistance that the spirit world gives to me and learning to actively ask for that assistance in the moment as I live my life.

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Sacred Animals

sacred animals

I believe that we all have sacred animal guides who are with us from birth or come to us in need.  For years I thought that if I was “doing it right” my Animal Spirit Guides would speak to me or send me a message on what to do next.  I was frustrated with not hearing or seeing what I thought indigenous cultures experienced with their spirit guides.

I am learning that there is no one way, and for me it is not about getting an answer but instead it is about being open and asking.  The answer for me is often the ability to walk with wisdom and comes not as a plan but in the moment of need.  I ask for assistance when walking through life from my Lion, Jaguar and Serpent.shaman 2013

They each have qualities that support me in my work and relationships.  With practice and openness I feel an energetic presence during my meditations when asking for them.  Then as life happens during the day those qualities are available and come to me as natural wisdom.  The American Indians may have asked the Spirit of the Great Buffalo for assistance in finding food, and clothing,  and danced and sang till the intuitive wisdom came to lead them to the herd.  My intuitive wisdom of food may lead me to what my body needs to pick from my garden or purchase at the grocery.  When I am open it may lead me to protein in the form of meat or a wide variety of plants that sustain me.  I believe the difference is that the indigenous cultures knew that everything is alive and has soul. They gave thanks, respect, and honor to everything they ate, Plant or Animal alike

I am finding that the same is true of my guides. I honor and give thanks for them and I feel their presence and qualities more each day,  This is a relationship that must be fed to grow.


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