Ann Beeching

EmergenceThis  painting  tells much about who I am.  The Title is “Emergence” and it represents the Feminine Spirit that nurtures everything at  Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  She is the lake and tree of life. New life emerges from her to feed the people, the animals, the mountains and the land.

I grew up on a 80 acre farm that bordered a small lake in northern Indiana. From a young age I explored the woods, learned to swim in the lake, and loved the animals, trees and rocks that marked my favorite places on the land.

I was always drawing animals in my classes. I still managed to get decent grades.  I loved art in school but took a different path in college, getting a degree in Home Economics and Teaching. Years later I received an Associates Degree in Interior Design and now teach interior design at the local branch of Purdue University, paint oil paintings  and run a successful design business.

In the 1990s I began traveling to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras with groups of very creative artists and writers who were studying the Maya civilization and mythology.  The ancient sites inspired many of my paintings but also a change in my own relationship to my spiritual self and the world of nature around me.  In 2012 I began teaching classes inspired by the book, The Woman in the Shaman’s Body by Barbara Tedlock, looking at the women healers and leaders  in ancient cultures across the glob and what they can teach us today.

This website is created to give glimpses of my life, art and teaching in hopes that it will inspire you to live fully, embraced in the love of the feminine spirit inside of you.


“Emergence” was created as a commission to be used on a CD cover for Beverly Rieger’s beautiful music. You can hear and purchase it on her website  All rights reserved

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